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post-paint-colorsRepainting your home is one of the most beneficial updates because it is cost friendly and a fairly quick process. A new coat of paint can completely redefine an area in your home as well as help to brighten and visually enlarge an area. But how do you pick the perfect paint?

Picking a paint color relies on several different factors: lighting, mood, and finishes, etc.

1) Lighting:

The different lights in your home will bring out different tones in your paint. Natural light shows the truest color while incandescent lighting brings out yellow and warm tones. Fluorescent lights bring out a sharper blue tone. The lighting choice is important when picking paint. A strong colored paint could easily overpower a room if placed on all the walls and in direct sunlight; however, an accent wall with indirect light allows that color to be present in the space but not too overpowering.modern-interior-design-and-nice-big-mattress-and-also-with-beautiful-cushions-and-also-with-blankets-and-large-windows-with-curtains-cool-too-with-wall-hangings-accent-wall-colors

A great example from mswinds.com A great example from mswinds.com

2) Mood:

What type of mood do you want to set in the space? Paint color has a lot to do with the mood that is created and set in a space. If you want the space to reflect a restful and soothing area we suggest using soft and neutral colors. These colors create a quieter feel while bolder, stronger colors create an intimate dramatic feel.


Great ideas from mycolortopia.com Great ideas from mycolortopia.com

3) Finishes:

Picking a finish for your paint is almost as important as the actual paint color. The different finishes describe the sheen that will be added to the paint color. The higher the sheen, the more durable the paint is; however, this can also make the paint color appear differently on surfaces. This is a good idea because it allows slight variation while creating a cohesive look. Below is break down of the sheen/finishes and what areas of the house they would be the most beneficial.

paint-sheen-infographic_931afca839e610786f2825637e0f1cecChart is from house logic.com.
On a final note, don’t be afraid to experiment and find the right color for you.testingpaintcolors

Take advantage of paint samples or virtually painting your house by using Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer (http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/try-on-colors/color-visualizer/).

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