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Kickstart BBQ Season

Kickstart BBQ Season


It is our favorite time of year again here at K Remodel! School is almost out, the grass is getting greener everyday, and it is the official start of BBQ season (yum!). Memorial day weekend is coming up, which means everyone has a long weekend to start and finish a project while also heating up the BBQ for some hot juicy burgers. While you wait for your friends to arrive for the first seasonal bbq, here are a couple ideas to keep you busy.


First things first, you need to pull a couple of those embarrassing weeds for your guest. Having a nice yard is a simple reminder of how much time you like… Continue reading

New Year: New Home

New Year: New Home

A Guide to the Simple Updates that Revitalize a Home

When the new year hit it was time for me to think about all of those New Years Resolutions. I have the typical resolutions of having more ‘me’ time and picking up some sort of hobby, but as a homeowner, I think we should all have a yearly resolution for one goal in our house. As a homeowner, I have an ongoing list of all the future projects I would like to accomplish. I want to update the siding to add more curb appeal, which in my mind, includes adding a painted door for the cute charming look I see in the magazines. I am also… Continue reading

Creating Backyard Shade

One of the biggest summer time questions is how to create attractive looking shade in your backyard so that all of your friends and family can enjoy the nice summer evenings. 

At K Remodel, we build pergolas and covered porches frequently. The biggest challenge is which looks most attractive to the home owner and fits the look of the house the best. These different types of backyard shade are the most frequent and provide attractive options that fall into a wide variety of price ranges. Price is determined by the size of the project and the materials that are used. 


K Remodel built this pergola for a client two years ago and… Continue reading

Designing a Remodel

Designing a Remodel

Sometimes a remodel can take a long time. The project can consist of numerous phases that end with a fantastic result. At K Remodel, our favorite part of the remodel is the design process because it allows us to come up with out of the box ideas that are innovative and creative.


We like to take homes, spaces, and remodels to the next level. We want our remodels to look and feel fresh and brand new. There is nothing better than homeowners who do not even recognize their own home.


Our design process is fun and efficient. We just finished working on a remodel in Eagle, Idaho. The house that was built… Continue reading

Building A Fence

A couple of weeks ago, our family decided to plant a garden  using  raised garden beds. We had a blast building the  boxes  and planting a  few seeds. We  are  excited to grow our own  food and see how far  we  can get with our  vegetables.

To accompany our raised garden beds we decided to build a  small 3’ tall  fence. Our adorable little puppies continually get  in the dirt and we  honestly did not want them to start eating  the plants once they began to  sprout.

Building a fence is surprisingly easy. It requires a few supplies and a few … Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung

The other day my little sister brought home a gardening project from school. The project teaches students about plants and plant maintenance and more importantly, teaches students how to be responsible and care for something. I also look at this project as the first step in learning the kind of responsibility that will eventually lead to her being able to take care of her own puppy! Besides those learning tasks, the project is also a competition to see which student can grow the largest cabbage.

I think that this project is fantastic because it allows the family the lifelong learning opportunity and skill developing of gardening! I love to garden but haven’t had the excitement or motivation to start another… Continue reading

Our DIY Weekend

As spring is quickly approaching, it is time for our annual spring-cleaning! This year we decided to tackle our bonus room. Our bonus room (aka the guest room) has not changed once since we moved into the house ten years ago. The room was in need of a new paint job, organization, and dust control.

For years, this room has been our junk room. If you didn’t want it or it didn’t fit in your own room, you put it in the bonus room. But as the kids are getting older and moving out, we decided that this space would be better suited as a guest room and library.

Not only did we want to redo this room, but we… Continue reading

Planning for a new remodel: What to keep in mind.

Planning a remodel is a creative and fun way to update your home. Like any project, there are steps to keep in mind to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Lets start by places to gather ideas. Some of favorite places to get inspiration for an upcoming remodel is on Pinterest. There are so many ideas on this website and the best part about it is you can create boards for each designated task. Check out our Pinterest to start gathering ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/kremodel/

Another great way to gather ideas is to pick up some magazines at your local grocery store or book store. Some of my personal favorite are: HGTV Magazine, This Old House, House Beautiful, and Country Living. All… Continue reading


Repainting your home is one of the most beneficial updates because it is cost friendly and a fairly quick process. A new coat of paint can completely redefine an area in your home as well as help to brighten and visually enlarge an area. But how do you pick the perfect paint?

Picking a paint color relies on several different factors: lighting, mood, and finishes, etc.

1) Lighting:

The different lights in your home will bring out different tones in your paint. Natural light shows the truest color while incandescent lighting brings out yellow and warm tones. Fluorescent lights bring out a sharper blue tone. The lighting choice is important when picking paint. A strong colored paint could easily overpower… Continue reading


Everyone continually dreams about their dream home. We watch various shows on t.v. that remind us of all the upgrades we want in our homes – from that brand new remodeled kitchen to a stylish new and improved bathroom. Sometimes we would rather move into a newly updated house than do the work ourselves; however, remodeling your current home can be more cost effective and easier on the heart strings (it is always hard to leave your home).

Here are three ideas for quick #diy remodels and improvements that are easy and affordable!

1) A new coat of paint is a low cost yet effective way to update your home. Neutral colors are a great way to make… Continue reading

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